Meditations on Keyboard Warfare
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Meditations on Keyboard Warfare

It's been a minute since I've blogged here. I have a few good reasons, but one of the bad reasons is that I've been too busy getting into fights on Facebook and creeping on Instagram fights. That's always been a weak spot of mine; I love a good argument, and I can usually find one… Continue reading Meditations on Keyboard Warfare

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Stewards of Our Church

I've come to the humbling realization that I need to be less possessive about "my" choir loft. As most people, I prefer having my workspace a certain way, but when your workspace is the back end of a church, that's not really an option. So I'm starting to let curious kids come up, verbally invite… Continue reading Stewards of Our Church

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I’m Staying Catholic Because of Burning Man

NPR has a survey going, "Have you left the Catholic Church?" A quick glance at the questions indicates they expect one answer. I responded to the survey, and threw in a "and nothing could ever make me leave!" for good measure. I highly doubt they'll contact me for follow up questions. I've realized my stubbornness… Continue reading I’m Staying Catholic Because of Burning Man

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Justice, Mercy, and Reverence for the Clergy

Two years ago, a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door. I opened the door and started the conversation with, "I'm a Roman Catholic and will always be one", hopefully expecting them to give up, but you could just see their eyes brighten as they countered with, "How could you be a Catholic after… Continue reading Justice, Mercy, and Reverence for the Clergy

Because when the apocalypse comes, pharmacies will be closed, but you'll still have your charts.
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Learn NFP for the Zombie Apocalypse

Somewhere right around the turn of the Millenium, my generation began our obsession with the idea of a zombie apocalypse. Nerds began buying battle-ready machetes, ya know, just in case. Some bigger nerds began stockpiling non-perishables, because it's not a bad idea to have an emergency supply, right? Some even bigger nerds built zombie-proof bunkers… Continue reading Learn NFP for the Zombie Apocalypse