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Three stories more interesting than the NFL

Just like most everyone else, I’m sick and tired of hearing about the NFL. As a friend told me last night, it’s entertainers trying to get political, and SJWs jumping into football, which they care nothing about. It is a story that easily polarizes our country, and I believe that is exactly why it is being given so much attention. So here’s what I want to read about instead, three stories that are unifying for our Country and our Faith:

Marian Statues Surviving Disasters

All over the world, we have fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and so many other natural disasters. In the midst of all these catastrophes, statues and images of Our Lady keep miraculously surviving unscathed. There are reports from Spain, Mexico, and two from Huston, all in the last few weeks.
I can’t help but call to mind the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Miracle at Fatima. Maybe Our Lady is asking for our attention. Certainly, she is a great source of comfort and refuge in a world of turmoil. The month of the Rosary is coming up too; praying the Rosary is one of the best ways to respond to Our Blessed Mother’s call for attention.
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It makes me really excited about the Mary statue my sweetheart of a husband got me the other day.

Antioch, Tennessee Shooting

Unsurprisingly, the posture of football players is also way more important to the mass media than the fact that eight people were shot in Antioch, Tennessee last Sunday while attending church services. Not a single part of this story fits the mainstream narrative. He wasn’t a white supremacist, like the last church shooting, he was an immigrant. He was subdued and held at gunpoint by an usher, which supports the second amendment. (as an aside, the poor usher got pistol-whipped, which is my second biggest irrational fear, so extra props to that usher for surviving that!)
The shooter confessed to the crime and currently being held without bail. So far there is no official motive. Most of the stories I see focus on the usher, Robert Engel, who indeed deserves some recognition.

National Drink Beer Day

And if this story doesn’t unify America, nothing will. September 28th is National Drink Beer Day!! So go on out to your local party store or craft brewery and grab a pint. My personal preference would be a Russian Imperial Stout, but even PBR (ew) will do. It’s for American unity; there’s few causes as noble as that.

 september 9, 2019 - 2-00 pm - findlay residence (3)

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