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Hopes and Dreams for 2018

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Hopes and Dreams for 2018

Well, folks, we’ve almost done it. 2017 has just about a half month left then we get to start over with a new calendar “with no mistakes in it.”

“Well, with no mistakes in it yet.”

All in all, it was a pretty good year, I think. I had a new baby, I started a blog, I met new people, tried new things, and didn’t get one traffic ticket, so my driving record remains squeaky clean. Sounds like a winning year to me!

Maybe it’s just being in the middle of Advent, the great season of Hope, but it’s hard for me to not feel optimistic for the new year. I know things will go wrong, we’ll all have bad days, but I truly believe that the world is on the verge of something great and that God is asking for our cooperation.

When we look back through history and see the really dark times, they are always followed by periods of innovation, spiritual renewal, and goodness. We’ve been in a very dark time the last hundred years or so. Between the wars, the Sexual Revolution, the destroying of families, the confusion in the Church, and the breakdown of basic morality, our world is in an awful state.

Back around 1886, Pope Leo XIII instituted the St. Michael prayer. It is said to be in response to a vision where the devil challenged God to let him try to destroy the Church. According to the stories, the devil was given about a hundred years. Well, he’s had it. And good grief, he has spread some horrible confusion and chaos in the Church. Things certainly are in an awful state.

But you know what one of my favorite parts of 2017 was? The 100th anniversary of Fatima. I really truly believe that Our Lady has her mantle over our world and that she is gearing up to do something amazing. The message of Fatima was one of prayer and penance, but also was a promise of peace. We need to turn to Our Lady now more than ever. If we do, I really do believe that we are going to see a spiritual renaissance that they will talk about for centuries to come.

St. Michael the archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O prince of the HeavenlyGod has done it before, and He will do it again. We just need to do our part. Pope Leo’s St. Michael Prayer, and the Rosary recommended by Our Lady seem like a good place to start to me. I know I’m going to make those two prayers a big part of my 2018.

Whether or not 2018 is the year of a Great Renewal in God’s people, I think it will be a good one all the same. I’ve got a few little plans of my own that I’d like to accomplish too.

Like most people, I’m horrible at New Year’s resolutions. January 17– Ditch your New Year’s Resolution Day– comes, and I’ve long since forgotten what my plan was just two weeks earlier. But, like most people, I give it a shot every year anyway. This year, maybe I’ll just be a little more realistic. And actually having it written down publicly can’t hurt

So without further ado, my wish list for 2018:

  • Finish Fr. Hardon’s Basic Catechism, and start the Advanced Catechism
  • Get rid of the carpet in my dining room
  • Plant a little veggie garden and do some canning and freezing for winter
  • Take the family on a vacation
  • Pray the Rosary every day, and get the kiddos to start praying it along with me

Nothing too terribly crazy, I don’t think. Here’s hoping that by the time January 17th rolls around, they are still looking like good goals to me.

God has great things planned for 2018. He is going to do amazing things in your life, in my life, and with our world. Let’s do our part this year to bring God to a world that needs Him so very much.

What’s one plan you have for the New Year?


Hopes and Dreams for 2018




6 thoughts on “Hopes and Dreams for 2018”

  1. These are awesome goals!

    And, I think you may be on to something – of Advent being the “great season of Hope,” because I, too, find myself caught up thinking hopefully toward the next year, each year this Liturgical season rolls around.

    I also really like the idea of praying the Rosary daily – I need to get back to that. 🤔

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic!


    1. Hi Anni!
      It helped that my husband got me a gorgeous (and durable) rosary for my birthday last month. :p Growing up, my family prayed it every night, and I notice a huge gap in my life when I don’t. It’s such a beautiful and powerful prayer!

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  2. About running out of steam a few weeks into the new year: I find it hugely helpful that about 6 weeks after the New Year, Lent starts! Because when I, too, am running out of steam with those lofty New Year’s Resolutions, Lent gives me a new reason to polish some of them off and try again! It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so hang in there! You’ve got this!


  3. I think you are so right about Our Lady getting ready to do something amazing. She has already done some great things in my church community! Let me just tell you too, a daily rosary is life-changing. I need to start praying it with my kiddos!


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