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One Mom’s Quick Guide to Surviving Little Boys

Well, I think we’re finally seeing the end of whatever nasty bug my boys had. So far all of 2018 has been spent trying to get healthy, which means lots of sitting at home. It also means lots of time with nothing really to distract me from the 24/7-365 of mommyhood. I love my boys, I LOVE being a mom, but I’m fairly certain that if you looked hard enough, you would see my first grey hairs that just came in these last few weeks.

Little boys are insane. They are crazy little dictators that you will love with every piece of your heart. As a mom of little boys, you. will. lose. your. mind. It’s just gonna happen, momma. Don’t even bother fighting it.

There is hope for survival though! Really! Here are a few of my favorite helpful hints that I picked up over the last few years to help maintain some semblance of sanity as I continue this magnificent adventure of boy-moming.

(Aside: most of this probably applies to little girls too, I’d assume, but I’m not an “expert” (HA!) in that field yet)

1. Library books go in one room. Crayons go in another.

crayons and library books don't mixRest in peace, book about Hermit Crabs. You lived a long and healthy life until you got scribbled in and then mommy thought she remembered a Pinterest hack about hair dryers and crayons. Yeah, that book was toast. So now we know that before any other kinds of books come out, all the crayons and coloring books are put up and away.

2. If you’re wondering if you need diapers, wipes, paper towel, or toilet bowl cleaner, the answer is always yes.

I finally made it to the grocery store last week while my husband stayed home with the boys. They were out of size 5 diapers, and I thought, “No big deal, we’ll get by until next time.” Um, nope. I called my husband in a panic two days later, “Please hurry home, and please bring diapers!”

Boys are messy and stinky. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be cleaning them, and cleaning up after them for the next twenty years. To that end, I am heretofore declaring that I shall always have a copious amount of cleaning supplies on hand.

3. Yes, you need a waterproof pillowcase

Use a waterproof pillow caseI was changing my son’s bedding this week, and when I pulled off his pillowcase, it looked like an antique bandage from the Civil War! He isn’t a drooler, so who knows how it happened. But Amazon has waterproof covers (two-packs at that, hey hey) for $11.99, so it sounds like its time to put in another Prime order.

4. Sometimes boys are goldfish. Sometimes they are elephants.

My toddler conveniently forgets what his “favorite foods” are as soon as they are sitting on his plate. You better bet he remembers that time six months ago I caved and let him play with my cell phone though!

It astounds me that kids will forget something in five seconds flat, but then completely fixate on something else. I’ve learned that it doesn’t do much good to try and be sneaky around them because I never know whether they are in goldfish memory or elephant memory mode. Honesty is the only effective policy.

5. Playing “Alligator” is dangerous

Playing Alligator is dangerousThis one came around to bite me in the you know where. Literally. I was roughhousing with my toddler, saying, “Oh, no, he’s an alligator doing a death roll!” and he took it a little too literally. That smarted. We had a nice discussion about how even alligators don’t bite their mommies. My bad.

6. You won’t ever regret making time for them

One of the strangest phenomena I have ever experienced is after a long crazy day when I have finally gotten my boys in bed, I start to miss them like crazy! The reality of how fast they are growing and becoming independent just hits me like a ton of bricks. So I try and remember that while yes, housework needs to be done, and dinner needs to be made, that I need to put quality time with my boys first.

I can do dishes and laundry while they sleep. Or even tomorrow, they aren’t going anywhere. These magical days with my boys are limited, and I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted them.

7. Jesus actually does fix everything

If you’ve been around here for a minute, you’ll know I’m a cradle Catholic and an unwavering and unapologetic one at that. The curse of the cradle Catholics seems to be a tendency to take our Faith for granted. I know I did. The trails of marriage and mothering were a quick fix to that.

My babies have helped me turn to Jesus in a new way. He knows all about little boys, He was one! His mom knows all about being a boy-mom, she was one too! It such a comfort having a God who understands our humanity.

Pax Christi

Everything I learned about Christ and his Church has become so much more real to me since embracing my vocation of marriage, and the parenting that goes along with it for me. I’ve been blessed to experience the healing power of Christ, and the peace of knowing Him unlike ever before. All these things you were taught about Him, they are all true! I’m thankful every day that my little family has shown me the reality of God’s Love, and that they give me opportunities to turn to and rely on Him.

What are your favorite tricks and hints for surviving mommy-hood with the least grey-hairs possible?

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Surviving Little Boys


3 thoughts on “One Mom’s Quick Guide to Surviving Little Boys”

  1. This is great! Philomena is scaring me with ripping paper so only board books are coming home from the library right now. And I’m so with you with that relief when they go to bed, but missing them too. I love every morning when Philomena comes into our big bed, its always exciting to see that sweet little face again, even if it has only been 8 hours!

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  2. Haha I laughed at this! My new-3 year-old son is relatively clean and tame (compared to your sons or my brothers…though I don’t remember what they were like at 3.) Wrestling is such a need! My son is always trying to wrestle his 13-month-old sis and all she does is fall over. He doesn’t like wrestling me so much, even though I pretend to be overpowered.
    Goldfish/elephant brain!!! This was soooo bad for a while, maybe around new two? Fortunately my son seems old enough now (about to turn 3) that when I tell him I am letting him do something “as a special treat, even though normally we do X, but because of Y, I’m going to let you do X today,” he realizes it’s not going to be like that every day. Maybe because I am so routine-driven that helps make clear the difference.
    My boy advice is load up with the *most realistic* toy trucks you can find at the thrift store. Talk about how men protect women and other vulnerable people. Ask for help. Offer plenty of commentary on good/bad actions. Don’t punish every naughtiness, especially highly impulsive ones in small children, but be very, very firm about punishing the really bad, obviously-knew-better ones and insist on following commands. (Come, put that down, give the toy back to your sister.)

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your tricks! I’m actually currently sitting on my living room floor surrounded by our toy truck collection. After Christmas, I think it’s pushing two dozen, haha! I love the emphasis you shared on instilling masculine traits. That’s one thing I love so much about my boys’ dad (why I married him, really), and I hope I can help my boys become good men like that too. 🙂


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