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My Favorite Pro-Life Organizations

Today in Washington DC, about half a million people are marching up Constitution Avenue to protest the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, made 45 years ago. Since then, over 60 million children have died from what I will unapologetically call America’s Holocaust.

I realize that no mother makes this decision lightly, in my observation, it is almost always a choice made out of desperation. Nevertheless, I will never stop fighting for the reversal of that Supreme Court decision, and I do have hope that someday, the March for Life in DC will not be necessary.

I’m far from alone in this fight. Over the years, I’ve come in contact with some incredible organizations that work towards the protection of the unborn. Here are some of my favorites, click the titles to learn more.


If you’re looking for breaking stories, this is not your website. But if you want to stay up to date on current events on life issues, these are your people. They write constantly about issues related to abortion, euthanasia, and the destruction of the family.

Students for Life

I miss this group so much! In college, I got involved in their organization. It is amazing! One year, I got to join them for the annual conference right before the March, and to call it life-changing is an understatement. They equip students with so much excellent information and put them in touch with so many resources. In an age where free thought and expression is actively suppressed on college campuses, Students for Life is so desperately needed!

Alliance Defending Freedom

These guys are some of the coolest legal professionals you will ever meet. They do a lot more, but a large part of their work is protecting those First Amendment rights. So when an organization like Students for Life wants to put up a pro-life display at their school, and the local Women’s Center pitches a fit (yeah, that was a fun time…), ADF’s legal team will make sure that those First Amendment rights are protected, and that the pro-life message can get out there!


Center for Medical Progress

David Daleiden, formerly of Live Action, founded the CMP and then took on the Giant of Planned Parenthood, and just might be the one to shut it down. His organization went undercover and exposed how Planned Parenthood was not only using illegal procedures but also illegally selling baby parts for profit. The only thing that makes me angrier than people killing babies, is people killing babies to make a few billion bucks.

mother teresaSusan B Anthony List

Every cause needs a good PAC, right? This PAC is exclusively for backing pro-life candidates. They also work to connect constituents with their politicians to push for pro-life legislation.

And Then There Were None

Abbey Johnson used to manage a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas before resigning after watching an abortion on an ultrasound. Since then, she has founded ATTWN to help workers in the abortion industry find new work and healing. Her story is full of hope and healing, and her ministry is full of compassion and patience.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The fight isn’t only there in Washington, it’s at home too. We can change legislation all we want, but ultimately, what we need to change is hearts.

I mentioned at the top that abortion is not chosen lightly, I stand by that. If we want mothers to choose life for their babies, we need to give them the resources to do that, rather than say, “Oh well, that sounds like your problem.” With enough support, Crisis Pregnancy Centers can offer moms real and realistic options. I know in my area, the Knights of Columbus and local Right to Life chapter do a lot of fundraising for them, so I try to support that as much as I can.

45 years of legalized murder is 45 years too many. 60,000,000 babies killed is 60,000,000 too many. Next time you come across any of these organizations, maybe share their stuff on your pages, consider donating, consider volunteering. The reality of abortion is much more serious than most people realize. Let’s get the truth out there.

If your favorite pro-life organization didn’t make the list, I would LOVE to hear about it! Please drop a link in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Pro-Life Organizations”

  1. My favorite organization is a crisis pregnancy center here in New Orleans, Woman’s New Life Center (WNLC). They used to be located right next door to a clinic that performed abortions – and that clinic ended up closing! WNLC just moved a few months ago next to the new Planned Parenthood building. My husband and I have helped with some of their fundraising events, and it’s been so amazing to see how God has used WNLC to do miraculous things!

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  2. Recently I have sadly noticed that LifeSite, at least on Facebook, chooses to discuss controversial issues with Pope Francis vs Pro-Life issues. It was one of my favorites too.


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