You're Invited to Talk About Sex
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You’re Invited to Talk about Sex

“Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.” (Salt ‘n’ Peppa)


As a teen and a young woman, a lot of my questions about sex and sexuality were met with a “Ask me again when you are older”. To a degree, I think that was appropriate. A lot of things about sex should be taught on a need-to-know basis. But then I got older, got engaged, and kinda needed to know… ya know?

Thank God, one thing I did know to was to start with St. John Paul II’s works, but even those only got me so far. It’s now four years into my marriage, and I still regularly have questions about married sexuality that Theology of the Body can’t answer.

More often than not, questions about sexuality are more practical than theological, so we’re starting a Q&A column at Hail Marry to help you find the answers to those questions.


Jen from Surprised by Marriage, myself, and Kristi of Hail Marry are all going to answer questions submitted from our readers and group members.

We do love our male readers, but our expertise is fairly limited to the female side of things. For the stray man that might happen upon this link, if you have a question for us, we’ll try and answer it, but I’m not sure how helpful we will be.


A few weeks back, FemCatholic said that Catholics need to talk about sex more. Kristi, Jen, and I wholeheartedly agree, so we decided to do just that!

Song of Solomon 6:3While there are some hard and fast rules when it comes to sexuality, troubleshooting can take many forms, and there isn’t always one answer for everyone. We’re really excited that we can bring you a variety of perspectives and experiences, and we promise to keep it orthodox.

I say it all the time, marriage is great, but it takes work. Sex is no exception. Great sex does not come effortlessly. While it can’t be the be-all-end-all of your marriage, it is a very important component that deserves your attention and effort.


You can submit questions by following this link to the Google survey, or in the future by clicking the “Connect” tab up top and following the link there We do not collect your email address, and adding your name is optional so you can remain as anonymous as you like.


We’ll post answers to the questions as they come in, on Thursdays at Hail Marry. We’re hoping to post our first next week!


There is an overabundance of discussion, ideas, and advice on sex, from the grocery checkout to syndicated talk shows and countless websites. What we haven’t found yet is any practical discussion on the topic that doesn’t place people’s souls in danger. We promise to carefully research our answers, and to the very best of our ability, to never say anything that goes against established Church teaching. Sex is confusing enough without worrying if something is licit or not.


Come on and join the conversation by submitting your questions here. And keep an eye out on Hail Marry for the upcoming answers!

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