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Providence in the Chaos of Scandal

I stopped believing in coincidences long ago. Our God is not a god of chaos, but a God of order.

My heart and my stomach are hurting from reading excerpts of the grand jury report out of Pennsylvania. Horror and betrayal are probably the words that most accurately describe my emotions. It seems like each time we think, “okay, it can’t get worse”, it does. It gets so much worse. And sad to say, this seems to just be the beginning.

While we as a Church have spent the last day in anger and mourning, today we are celebrating the great Solemnity of the Assumption. Today is one of the few remaining Holy Days of Obligation on the Church’s calendar. We the faithful are commanded to attend Mass today to pay homage to Our Lady. This is not a coincidence.

Yesterday was the feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe. I was sniffing around the web, looking for a good quote of his to share on Instagram, and completely randomly picked this one:

The conflict with Hell cannot be maintained by men, even the most clever. The Immaculata alone has from God the promise of victory over Satan. (St. Maximilian Kolbe)

That was not a coincidence.

Reading the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report is staring thevilestil parts of humanity square in the face. It is a painful look at the real battle between Heaven and Hell. It is showing the carnage and the sad defeat of many of the men of God who betrayed the faithful. But the battle is far from over.

In His great Wisdom and Providence, God places His people into the arms of His Mother today. He knows she is our protection and our help. He wants us to turn to her, to mourn with her, and to beg her help. He has promised victory over Satan and the powers of Hell to Mary, and I can’t begin to express how much of a comfort that is to me today while everything looks so bleak. The timing on all of this is not a coincidence.

I know it is so tempting to turn our heads from the battlefield. It is so tempting to treat this as someone else’s’ problem, but we cannot and we must not. This is our home. This is Our Mother the Church hurting. We, the Body of Christ, must work to heal the infected and broken members.

Beginning today, there is a 54 day Rosary Novena for our Church and our country. It ends with the Rosary Coast to Coast on October 7th. I highly encourage everyone to participate in committing the Church in America to Our Lady.

We cannot end our efforts with prayer alone, we are called to be a people of action as well. Write your bishop demanding accountability and transparency, not just vague apologies and weak attempts at solidarity. The odds of Pennsylvania being an isolated case are laughable. We need to clean house, not just wait for it all to blow over. Now is not the time to be an ostrich.

AssumptionThis is truly a dark hour for the Church, but don’t lose Faith. The Church alone still has the Eucharist and the fullness of truth. Don’t lose Hope. We have been through this and worse before, and Hell will not prevail. Don’t lose Charity. Both the victims and the perpetrators need our mercy. The victims are in need of healing, but so are the perpetrators and the protectors. God willing, those who have done evil will repent and spend the rest of their days in prayer and true penance.

Our Lady, Assumed into Heaven, pray for us!



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