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How to address the clergy

At World Youth Day 2008 we kept running into various priests, bishops, and cardinals. There was an unfortunate incident where I met a cardinal and literally just said, "Oh, hi!" *wince* My fellow pilgrims refused to let me forget it the entire trip. So when I heard that a bishop was going to be at… Continue reading How to address the clergy

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Filial Correction 1333: Pope John XXII

After studying the Baltimore Catechism for eight years straight (thank you Seton Homeschool...) I had it pretty well drilled into my head that the pope was infallible. It has been a definite shock to me to learn that the infallibility of the Pontiff is more limited than I had suspected. The Filial Correction posted yesterday has the… Continue reading Filial Correction 1333: Pope John XXII