Homeschooling: there's room for improvement
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Homeschooling: there’s room for improvement

Every spring, the state homeschool conference rolls into town. I used to go with my mom as a kid. This year's conference marked a rite of passage: my first conference as a homeschool mom. Come this fall, my oldest and I will sit down every weekday to do a little light preschool. Public school has… Continue reading Homeschooling: there’s room for improvement

Be an Excellent Mom
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Working to Be an Excellent Mom

I love Latin, I really really do. I love that we have a common language to speak about matters of our Faith, and it's an absolutely gorgeous language to sing in. But when it comes to philosophy, Latin falls short. Ancient Greek is so much more effective and precise. They fit complex concepts and teachings… Continue reading Working to Be an Excellent Mom

Little Boy Fishing
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One Mom’s Quick Guide to Surviving Little Boys

Well, I think we're finally seeing the end of whatever nasty bug my boys had. So far all of 2018 has been spent trying to get healthy, which means lots of sitting at home. It also means lots of time with nothing really to distract me from the 24/7-365 of mommyhood. I love my boys,… Continue reading One Mom’s Quick Guide to Surviving Little Boys

Ten Commandments
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Because I said so: Modeling the Love of God to Our Children

As a parent, I have a responsibility to imitate God's loving guidance for my children. God, in His infinite perfection, is the Perfect Father, and parents have to model their child-rearing after Him. Consequently, the way we parent our children will have lasting effects on the way they perceive God. As I've gotten older, I've become… Continue reading Because I said so: Modeling the Love of God to Our Children

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Merry Advent from the Family

All those (four) years ago during marriage prep, my husband and I were asked to discuss which holiday traditions we were each going to bring from our bio-families to incorporate into our new family. At the time, it seemed like a silly thing to waste precious time on, when I could be doing one of… Continue reading Merry Advent from the Family