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Non-toxic Masculinity

It ain't easy being male. Not that I would know, but lately being a wife and a boy-mom, I've had a lot of sympathy for the less-fair sex. Feminism ran rampant, going so far beyond its noble beginnings with woman's suffrage and ended up shaping our entire culture into a place where genuine masculinity is… Continue reading Non-toxic Masculinity

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Filial Correction 1333: Pope John XXII

After studying the Baltimore Catechism for eight years straight (thank you Seton Homeschool...) I had it pretty well drilled into my head that the pope was infallible. It has been a definite shock to me to learn that the infallibility of the Pontiff is more limited than I had suspected. The Filial Correction posted yesterday has the… Continue reading Filial Correction 1333: Pope John XXII

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Unpopular opinion: Michelle Carter got a fair sentence

My unpopular opinion of the day: Michelle Carter was fairly sentenced, and perhaps shouldn't serve any time at all. probably don't know her by name, but I guarantee you have heard her story. She is the girl from Massachusetts who was convicted of manslaughter for texting her boyfriend as he killed himself, encouraging, and… Continue reading Unpopular opinion: Michelle Carter got a fair sentence