Which Works of Mercy are right for you?
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Which Works of Mercy are right for you?

Last week, I was updating my personal facebook and came across an unfortunate entry into my "Favorite Quotes" from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. She and I have long since ceased being on speaking terms (although I still think it's a good story albeit with horrible morals), but seeing that quote reminded me of the first hint I… Continue reading Which Works of Mercy are right for you?

Hey Devil, You're Fake News!
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Hey Devil, You’re Fake News!

Last week for World Communications Day, Pope Francis released a statement saying that "fake news" is as old as the Garden of Eden. He urged the faithful to share information responsibly. He said that the spread of fake news leads to an increase of arrogance and hatred. He's right. Everyone went bananas about the statement. Fox,… Continue reading Hey Devil, You’re Fake News!

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My Favorite Pro-Life Organizations

Today in Washington DC, about half a million people are marching up Constitution Avenue to protest the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, made 45 years ago. Since then, over 60 million children have died from what I will unapologetically call America's Holocaust. I realize that no mother makes this decision lightly, in my observation, it is almost… Continue reading My Favorite Pro-Life Organizations

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Filial Correction 1333: Pope John XXII

After studying the Baltimore Catechism for eight years straight (thank you Seton Homeschool...) I had it pretty well drilled into my head that the pope was infallible. It has been a definite shock to me to learn that the infallibility of the Pontiff is more limited than I had suspected. The Filial Correction posted yesterday has the… Continue reading Filial Correction 1333: Pope John XXII