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A blog for my mom– Rosie always makes parenting look fun. I love reading about what she and her family are up to, and how they bring the liturgical seasons into daily living. She hosts “My Sunday Best” every week, and when I can get a decent picture of my outfit, I enjoy linking up with her.

A Beautiful, Camouflaged, Mess of a Life– Anni is an Army Wife with a passion for the Church. She takes her Faith very seriously and isn’t afraid to show it. She writes for Everyday Ediths as well, and I’m constantly inspired by her insight.

Couple to Couple League International– CCLI taught our NFP classes while my husband and I were engaged, and did a great job. If you’re new to NFP (or just really like the sympto-thermal method) these are your people.

Fight the New Drug– I know a significant number of marriages struggle with pornography, and I am determined to do what I can to make that stop. There are some great sites like Covenant Eyes using Theology of the Body based methods, which are great and I don’t mean to put those down at all. But this secular site has the best compilation of information on the effects of pornography that I have ever seen.

Front Porch Catholic– Jacinta is a wonderful example of how rich our Catholic Faith is! I love her enthusiasm for all things Catholic, and I’m always finding more new and beautiful things to learn whenever I click on her page.

Greg and Lisa Popcak– You might know Dr. Popcak as the author of Holy Sex, which I think all engaged and married couples should read. He and his wife host More2Life Radio on EWTN and also are affiliated with a pretty fantastic counseling organization.

I Use NFP– For all other things NFP related, this is where to go. One of my favorite parts is the compare and contrast of all the different methods. You can also search for teachers and get some good scientific arguments to pass along to your OBGYN next time he gives you that talk.

Integrity Restored– If Fight the New Drug is the “why”, Integrity Restored is the “how”. One priest told me that this is the best resource he has ever found to help people break free from pornography. The book by the same name is wonderful, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone or the spouse of anyone struggling with pornography.

Into Your Will– Jen (the same Jen from Surprised by Marriage) started her blogging journey over here. Originally, it was about her journey through the loss of her son at 22 weeks, but she kept blogging after that about Marriage and Motherhood. I love her honest and easy style of sharing her experiences.

Joy in the Morning– Joy is a go-to gal for a good book recommendation and also a certified nurse midwife!

Life is Beautiful– “Always. Even in the mess.” Laura says she was blogging before it was cool, and she’s right. Reading through her work, it’s easy to see a woman who loves God more than anything, then her husband, and her kids. She helps me keep things in perspective!

Simcha Fisher– You want an honest take on what it looks like to use NFP? She knows what’s up, and she’s not afraid to tell you. Her book The Sinners Guide to NFP is currently lent out to a friend, then I have about five more on the waitlist for it.

Surprised by Marriage– Jen and Logan are #couplegoals. They have a blog and youtube channel dedicated to helping couples strengthen their marriages. I love that they don’t focus on “you need to have date night every week, and a weeklong vacation alone every year” (although I think Jen would be all about that life), but they focus on making the everyday living of your marriage amazing.

The Natural Catholic Mom– Most of the time, you’ll find ideas about healthy living, but very frequently, you’ll learn about thoughtful parenting and intentional marriage. There’s a wonderful collection of birth stories in progress too that I really enjoy.

To Jesus, Sincerely– Sara is another writer who is #wifegoals and #momgoals and just #catholicgoals. I’m so thankful to have found her writing. It’s honest, intimate, inspiring, and uplifting. She hosts  “My Mass Takeaway” on Sundays which has made me pay more attention in Mass than I have in a long time.

To Love, Honor, and Vacuum– Okay, Sheila Wray Gregorie legitimately changed my life. She’s evangelical, so I don’t give a blanket recommendation to everything she says, but by and large, she is amazing. Her main focus is sex in marriage, and she manages to talk about that very respectfully and effectively.

Under Thy Roof– Parenting, marriage, acting, and ballet! I really admire Kirby’s ability to balance her passion for art and her family life. There’s always something fun happening over there.

Whole Parenting– Every time I think about Nell, I’m filled with hope and peace. Her passion for community makes me feel so much less alone in the craziness that is mothering. Go follow her on instagram too, because her musings will be your new favorite thing.




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Disclaimer- there are some Protestant sites and authors on this list (and even some Catholics I don’t 100% agree with), so as always, use discernment before taking any random person on the internet’s word as gospel truth.

Happy reading!!