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Non-toxic Masculinity

It ain't easy being male. Not that I would know, but lately being a wife and a boy-mom, I've had a lot of sympathy for the less-fair sex. Feminism ran rampant, going so far beyond its noble beginnings with woman's suffrage and ended up shaping our entire culture into a place where genuine masculinity is… Continue reading Non-toxic Masculinity

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God and Grease Monkeys

Think about the last time you really felt aware of and in awe of God. I've been thinking about it all day, because I've had How Great Thou Art stuck in my head all day. The first three verses of the hymn relate to God's creation, salvation, and splendor. They highlight the differences between God and man.… Continue reading God and Grease Monkeys

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3 Motivational Quotes (that are hogwash)

Everyone loves a good motivational quote. These little bite-sized mantras have the power to refocus our attention and push us to achieve before unreachable goals. I've got one from Winnie the Pooh hanging by my front door, one above my cabinets, one usually on my whiteboard, and one each on my laptop and cell phone… Continue reading 3 Motivational Quotes (that are hogwash)

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Augustine is not an excuse

Da mihi castitatem et continentiam, sed noli modo. -St.Augustine A few weeks back, the incorrigible Milo Yiannopolus* posted his side of an unpublished interview with the Jesuit magazine America. (reader discretion advised, it is, after all, Milo) The general gist of it seemed to be "Yeah, I am a bad Catholic, but that's okay. There were lots of… Continue reading Augustine is not an excuse

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How to be a waffle: the art of compartmentalization

There is this great bit from My Best Friend's Wedding where Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz are discussing who the guy should be with based on what type of food they are. "No, creme brule could never be jello. You could never be jello!" "But I have to be jello!!" I have zero interest in creme brule. It has long… Continue reading How to be a waffle: the art of compartmentalization