America's Pastor on Millenials
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America’s Pastor on Millenials

A few hours ago, America began it's final farewell to the Reverend Billy Graham. I'll confess, before learning of his passing last week, I'd never really given him much thought. Mostly I saw him as the archetype of the Protestant revival preacher. Over the last week, though, I began tuning into the tribute channel on… Continue reading America’s Pastor on Millenials

Hey Devil, You're Fake News!
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Hey Devil, You’re Fake News!

Last week for World Communications Day, Pope Francis released a statement saying that "fake news" is as old as the Garden of Eden. He urged the faithful to share information responsibly. He said that the spread of fake news leads to an increase of arrogance and hatred. He's right. Everyone went bananas about the statement. Fox,… Continue reading Hey Devil, You’re Fake News!

Ten Commandments
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Because I said so: Modeling the Love of God to Our Children

As a parent, I have a responsibility to imitate God's loving guidance for my children. God, in His infinite perfection, is the Perfect Father, and parents have to model their child-rearing after Him. Consequently, the way we parent our children will have lasting effects on the way they perceive God. As I've gotten older, I've become… Continue reading Because I said so: Modeling the Love of God to Our Children

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3 Motivational Quotes (that are hogwash)

Everyone loves a good motivational quote. These little bite-sized mantras have the power to refocus our attention and push us to achieve before unreachable goals. I've got one from Winnie the Pooh hanging by my front door, one above my cabinets, one usually on my whiteboard, and one each on my laptop and cell phone… Continue reading 3 Motivational Quotes (that are hogwash)